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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Support for Indie Authors?

Answer: Support for Indie Authors is a support group for authors who choose to self publish, or self publish while searching for an agent and/or publishing company to sign with. We strive to accumulate resources, share experiences, and offer a shoulder to cry on or a joke to laugh about as we all suffer the ups and downs of the self publishing journey.


Question: How are you connected to Goodreads?

Answer: Goodreads is the platform upon which we based our initial forum. Support for Indie Authors is not connected with Goodreads in any other way. We don’t work for them and they don’t work for us. They do not dictate who moderates our group or what rules we enforce (as long as they coincide with Goodreads overall Terms of Service).


Question: Speaking of rules, why are yours so strict?

Answer: There have been lots of cases of authors and readers bickering over Goodreads. Some authors have lost their good standing with their fans based on their reactions to reviews and ratings. (Our official stance is to refrain from interacting with readers over your reviews.) We want to promote a happy and supportive environment, one where positivity flourishes. Thinking positive will give you the energy you need to continue on your self-publishing journey.


Question: What do you have against traditional publishers, hiring an editor, or having a certified graphic artist create your book cover?

Answer: Nothing! There has been some confusion in this area, and we want to clear that up right now. We have nothing against going the traditional route. But there are plenty of resources out there if that’s the route you choose. Ann found there to be a huge gap in resources when it came to self-publishing, so that’s why we support indie authors. To fill that gap. As for professional editors and graphic artists, you need to do what you’re comfortable with. But our answer to you will never be that you NEED to hire someone for more money than you can afford. We try to help you find a way to do it yourself. Art is a beautiful thing: there is no right or wrong, despite what so many people choose to believe. There are many affordable resources that will allow you to have a well edited book and a beautiful looking book cover. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars, unless that’s what you really want to do.


Question: Are you only on Goodreads?

Answer: Nope! We have our own website and are on just about every social media platform available.


Question: Why don’t you allow links on your forum?

Answer: We’ve had some malicious links posted on the forum. Rather than have to sort through every single one of them, we decided it was easier to disallow links. It also makes it more difficult to bookwhack on the forum. (Note that on occasion Mods may post links, but that's because we have evaluated them and have determined them to be safe.)


Question: Wait, what? What is a bookwhack?

Answer: A bookwhack is a term coined by our very own VM Sawh. It refers to the art of attempting to push your book into conversations. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • showing your cover(s) where inappropriate
  • sharing your blurbs or samples of writing where inappropriate
  • any link to your book
  • listing your book as part of your signature


Question: So how can I promote myself within your group?

Answer: There are several ways. You can join our Showcase Group or subscribe via our website and become one of our Featured Authors. In addition, authors selling to authors isn’t nearly as productive as finding your own reader base. This group should not be considered your target audience.