Setting the Mood for Writing

Right now we are going to focus on when you have time, but not the mood. For all that our little fantasies are fun to write, sometimes putting words to page is more like a chore than the escape it's meant to be. You look at the screen and all you see is the hard work that lays before you.

So how do you get yourself in the mood? When you have time to write, and nothing stopping you but your own motivation, how do you find it?

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‘Soft’ Magic Systems Still Have a Place

The idea that magic in fiction might possess or need a ‘system’ was nonexistent to me when I first read my favourites as a boy in the early 1990s.

Magic was but a component to the awe and wonder within the stories. I didn’t need to know how magic worked, only that magic worked. I never questioned it and certainly wouldn’t have wanted to. Gandalf, for instance, simply wouldn’t have been the same figure of mystery and power if I knew the way his magic functioned.

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Meet Samuel Marquis: Best-Selling Author & Supporter of Indie Authors!

A Colorado native, I am a professional hydrogeologist and #1 Denver Post bestselling, award-winning historical fiction author. My most recent books include my pirate novel Blackbeard: The Birth of America, my World War Two Series (Bodyguard of Deception, Altar of Resistance, and Spies of the Midnight Sun coming in June 2018), and the Nick Lassiter-Skyler International Espionage Series (The Devil’s Brigade, The Coalition, and The Fourth Pularchek).

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Story Lines and World Building

Say what you will, but nothing is better to me than creating your own reality.
In actual aspect, I use my roleplaying background a lot when I write. You have to consider every side of the story and your characters, make sure the atmosphere fits what you like to write. Hope you’ve caught all your errors, that everything fits the tools you've given them.

How much do you reveal to the audience? How much do you hide?

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The Image You See

I love world building: the stage at which you create literally everything about your world. Magic, religions, realism, everything down to the length of shoelaces if you want to delve that far. All of them are on the table at this stage, and all offer their own benefit.  

In this article I’m going to talk about different aspects of world building, and try to offer some examples from my own experiences.

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Mods and Writers' Block

It's all too easy to blame our writing struggles on the renowned Writer's Block. In this issue of the Support Indie Authors Newsletter, we'd like to address a few tips and tricks to keep ourselves from falling prey to this struggle. 

But to start us out, a few of the Mods here at Support Indie Authors have penned a few lines on what their version of Writer's Block looks like and how they combat it. 

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Ann Livi Andrews
Keeping Momentum

Keeping momentum can be difficult, especially when life and its pressures start to draw your attention away from your writing. Whether it’s kids, school, work, a party, spending time with the people you love, the world is filled with plenty of distractions. And that’s not even mentioning the black hole of a time sink that is the internet.

I have some exercises I do to help myself maintain my focus, and keep me on track when I’m writing anything.

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Maximizing Your Writing Time During The Holidays

I don't know about all of you, but the holidays can be a stressful time of year for all of us.
Dinners to go to, people to see, and that's not mentioning the financial side of things.

All of that can add up to one heck of a stressful situation. What can you do to maximize your writing time during the holidays? How do you keep people from calling you a shut in or hermit? These are some of the steps that I take, so I can keep up my writing.

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Riley Amos Westbrook
New Release From Award Winning Author & Supporter Of Indie Authors Samuel Marquis

SAMUEL MARQUIS is the bestselling, award-winning author of The Slush Pile Brigade, Blind Thrust, The Coalition, Bodyguard of Deception, and Cluster of Lies. He works by day as vice-president and hydrogeologist at an environmental consulting firm in Boulder, Colo., and by night as writer of historical and modern suspense novels. He holds an M.S. degree in geology, is a registered professional geologist in eleven states, and is a recognized expert in groundwater contamination and hydrologeology, having served as an expert witness in several class action cases. 

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Supporting Indie Authors 101

I've noticed that once again the issue of support has been cropping up all over the Goodreads group. It seems as if a lot of friends and family just don't know what to make of us and therefore tend to either say the wrong thing or nothing at all. That, my friends, is why this article is for them, not you. Yep, that's right. I'm not writing to you, fellow author. I'm writing to your somewhat confused and slightly awkward family member or friend who wants to support you, but has no idea what to do. Go ahead, hand over the phone/tablet/computer, I'll wait.

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"November Short Story Contest - A Bitter Harvest" Winner

Contest Theme: 
"A Bitter Harvest" (Any Genre)

Contest Writing Prompt: 
The farmer rises from the bed in the in the middle of the night, roused from sleep by the sound of barking dogs. He/She turns on the light and peers out the bedroom window to find his/her youngest daughter standing out in the middle of field, all alone...

Max Words: 
2500 words

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Mods and Social Media Automation

I'd like to take a moment to introduce one of our new blog sections titled Mods Weigh In. From time to time you'll see these pop up on hot topic discussions. I know it comes as a surprise, but not all of us mods are have the exact same opinion. We discuss and debate amongst ourselves all the time - each of us providing valuable points and perspectives to one another. So we thought we would share that with you. 

With no further ado, I'm happy to share with you our first ever Mods Weigh In: Social Media Automation between Riley, Christina, and myself. Enjoy. 

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