How Fake Reviews Can Hurt You

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There's a reason I personally preach the message of not paying for reviews. Is a review you paid for trustworthy? Or is it fluff for your ego? Is it honest and ethical for a company to paste false reviews of any products?

I can't bring myself to deceive others that way. I think of all the products I've bought based off reviews, and I would be angry, and distrustful of the store if I found out they housed fake reviews. I'd feel violated by the company, and I'd never buy from that company again.

Why would it be any different with a book? If you pay someone for a review, and they obviously didn't read it, would you be happy with it? For those of you that would, wouldn't you rather have readers you don't have to pay? If the reviewer does read it, are you going to be happy with a 2 or 3 star review? Are you looking to lift your ego and deceive? Part people from their hard earned money? Or are you looking for people to really enjoy your story?

I believe in taking the time and searching for honest reviews. Even my worst ones have information in it that helps me become a better writer, or helps me to connect with my readers in some way. I wouldn't be able to do that if I paid for them.

It's a matter of integrity and honesty. I would feel unclean and shamed if I paid for a review. That's why I've taken the True Review Pledge, and suggest that you do the same.