Creating an Audio Book

Part Two

I'm back again, hoping to impart a bit more knowledge about audiobooks publishing today.

There's a couple of choices for the independent author looking to publish their audiobooks. Unfortunately, I've only been able to use one so far. Acx has strict requirements that you have to follow, as well as quality standards you must hit.

The great thing is, they write it out clearly on their site. And the customer support is extremely helpful with specifics when you need to work on something.

There are a few downsides to ACX in my experience. Since Amazon has a stranglehold on the audiobook market, ACX offers you the best chance to connect with new readers. That being said, they require you to lock your audiobook in an exclusive contract for 7 years.

In truth, that is my biggest complaint after publishing through the platform.

I will be checking out some of the other audiobook sites for publishing, like , as I do not like the 7 year contract.