Setting the Mood for Writing


Sometimes writing is hard.

A child or two that need to be fed, that show you really want to watch, or even a particularly stressful work environment can make sinking into your own world all but impossible. There's a million little things that can drag you away from your work and make it difficult to write.

But we're not here to talk about outside influences today. We already have a blog on that.

Right now we are going to focus on when you have the time, but not the mood. For all that our little fantasies are fun to write, sometimes putting words to page is more like a chore than the escape it's meant to be. You look at the screen and all you see is the hard work that lays before you.

So how do you get yourself in the mood? When you have time to write, and nothing is stopping you but your own motivation, how do you find it?

We all have those days where we don't want to do it. It doesn't matter what it is, we just don't wanna. When it comes to writing, this can be particularly difficult. After all, there's no one the world who's going to write your story and tell it quite the same way you do. Without the drive to put words down, our stories would never be told from our perspective.

There are a few exercises I use to help get me in the mood. They're nothing special, but as long as it works it doesn't need to be.

First is meditation. Whenever I find myself having a problem getting started, I take the time to clear my mind. By shutting out the outside world, even for just a moment, my concentration is enhanced. With renewed vigor, I can type out the story I'm looking to tell. Sometimes I pair this with a guided meditation from YouTube, or a set of binaural beats. *Results will vary, nothing is guaranteed.*

Sometimes that doesn't work, though, the words just don't want to come. When this is the case, I fall back on an old Dungeon and Dragons technique I used to use when planning a campaign. I create a new character. Everything about them, backstory, lineage, nothing is off limits. 90% of the time I don't even use the character for anything, sometimes I turn them into a nobody in my book. The point is the act of creating them slips me into the mood. The next thing you know, your 20 pages deep in new writing, and you aren't ready to come up for air. *Again, results may vary, but this works for me.*

Sometimes a bit of hype is all I need. Getting myself happy and excited can help me slip right into my story. Music is a fantastic vehicle for this. It needs to be good music though, something that gets my hips shaking, so I loosen up and relax. Or something that brings back powerful memories. Sometimes it's classical, sometimes it's metal. Every once in awhile I even listen to polka. *Are you getting what the asterisks mean yet?*

And last, your poison of choice. There's a million options. Some people choose Tito's (Ann would love a sponsorship!). Some people enjoy a bit of sugar for the rush. I use marijuana. I kill two birds with one stone on this one. Being someone who suffers from chronic pain, I use marijuana in place of stronger painkillers. The high it gives me is just a bonus, but a good bonus it is.

And those are my techniques for getting yourself into the mood to write. I hope one of my suggestions helps jar something loose, and the words flow onto the page. Until next time, #SupportIndieAuthors and keep being awesome!