Interview with Kendall Peterkin


1) Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind your entry for this contest?

The inspiration was kind of odd. At first I was going to do something with Medusa, however, after reading up on well known Greek mythology monsters and found the story of Cacus. I thought it was too good not to put a spin on it. 

2) What made you decide to enter this contest?

I love writing, but never really entered any of my stuff in contests. So I decided to finally take a leap of faith. Thinking I wouldn't win but at least I could say "I entered, therefore I've completed my New Years Resolution" 

3) Who are some of your favourite authors and why?

I have a few, F. Scott Fitzgerald as his writing is gorgeous and immersive. Stephen King due to his ability to create pure horror and genuine scary scenarios through writing. Ellen Hopkins because of her willingness to be gritty and truthful with her stories. And Nora Roberts, who my nana introduced me to, for her complex characters. 

4) What is your favourite book you read this year and why?

"The Wife Between Us" Simply because I wasn't expecting a lot of the twists and turns in that book. 

5) What is your best piece of advice for all the new independent authors out there?

Best Advice? Write because you like to, not because you have to. Don't think of writing as a chore/job, think of it as another hobby of yours. All throughout life, even when you do write that best seller. 

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