Interview with Zach Larson


1) Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind your entry for this contest?

After viewing the prompt and rules, I immediately knew that I wanted to flip expectations. My first thought was to have Hades set up shot somewhere completely unexpected. I considered places near my Idaho home and even Disneyland, but then Huntington Beach just seemed to strike me as humorous. So, I set up a plot with serious themes and a comedic situation.

2) What made you decide to enter this contest?

I don't usually enter contests because I want to spend my writing time on my novels, but something about the prompt drew me in. 

3) Who are some of your favourite authors and why?

I love Brandon Sanderson and Brian McClellan. Seriously, though, read more Brandon Sanderson.

4) What is your favourite book you read this year and why?

Renegades by Marissa Meyer is my favorite book of the year so far. Super awesome superhero series. Even though the series has the heroes and villains, it is hard to see the lines of morality between them. You honestly root for both sides. 

5) What is your best piece of advice for all the new independent authors out there?

The best advice is to keep writing with the understanding that you are probably already decent at authorship, but you will always have something to learn and another skill plateau to reach. Also, listen to writing podcasts; they help out with your feelings of seclusion at least.

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