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What are all these "author rules" we're supposedly breaking?

It happens at least once a week. I receive a newsletter in my inbox telling me about the top 10 rules I’m accidentally breaking as an author or the top 5 rules I should NEVER break as an author. . .

First of all, I haven’t published a book in 4 years, so I KNOW that I haven’t broken any of these rules recently, but I can’t help but wonder where all these rules are coming from and what’s going to happen if I’ve broken one of them. Is my college professor who ruled over her grammar class like a dictator going to show up and lock me in grammar prison?

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Mods and Social Media Automation

I'd like to take a moment to introduce one of our new blog sections titled Mods Weigh In. From time to time you'll see these pop up on hot topic discussions. I know it comes as a surprise, but not all of us mods are have the exact same opinion. We discuss and debate amongst ourselves all the time - each of us providing valuable points and perspectives to one another. So we thought we would share that with you. 

With no further ado, I'm happy to share with you our first ever Mods Weigh In: Social Media Automation between Riley, Christina, and myself. Enjoy. 

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How Do You Indie Author?

Growing up I fully intended to have a book published by 20. It was more than a dream; it was my one true goal. But 20 came and went without a published book. I couldn’t even raise up the courage to contact agents or publishers. Years of being told how difficult it was and reading about the harsh responses that many aspiring authors receive made me timid and fearful of the impending rejection. Without a support system (even a singular individual) I resigned myself to only writing for myself in the hopes that my children would one day enjoy reading them or at least enjoy laughing over them with me.

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