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Grandma's Cookies by Renee Marksi

I rubbed my temples slowly, trying to concentrate on the screen in front of me. I had to finish this paper by midnight so I could submit it for my ethics class. With 1000 words left to write, I was not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My daughter's laughter drifted in through my closed office door. Thank goodness my mother was able to come over three days a week to help with her so I could get my schoolwork done. That woman was my saving grace.

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Three Sisters, Santa & A Billboard by Laura Smith

In hindsight, it would have been smart to belt Santa into the passenger’s seat before heading home. In all actuality, it would have been smarter not to have contacted the CraigsList poster about buying Santa at all. This was Chrissy and her last minute plan to win the neighborhood decorating contest and surprise her sons at the same time. It was also Emily and her idea to drive with Shannon’s convertible top down and stick one of Santa’s arms out the window so that everyone would notice him driving by.

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'Tis the Season by James W George

The Christmas music emanating from the elegant viola was breathtaking. Of that, there could be no doubt.

It was a frosty morning and the second Sunday of December, but the local United Methodist Church was warm and inviting. The sanctuary was decorated, as usual, in a festive but tasteful manner. Attendance was indeed impressive, and every worshipper was absolutely enthralled by the beautiful music.

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