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Writing Gore

I have an advantage when it comes to writing gore. Not only did I grow up imbibing horror movies and books, watching the monsters paint the walls red with blood, but I worked in the medical field. You see a lot of blood when you work with nurses. I really believe this up close and personal look at our bodies has made writing gore that much easier. We are nothing but  bags of meat and liquid, and having a front row seat to blood, it becomes easier to talk and write about.

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How to Research Without Seeming Like a Serial Killer

You’d be surprised how many times people ask me this question. When people find out the kind of things I write about, they inevitably ask me this at least once. I usually make a joke, something about needing to buy a pig farm for people who ask too many questions, but I’ve never seriously thought about it. That is until the other day when one of the other mods suggested it as a topic. I've been thinking about it for three days solid, trying to figure out if there is a way to not leave similar footprints as someone looking to commit a murder.

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