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How To Immerse Yourself In Your Fictional World

This has become an interesting question to me lately. For whatever reason, I've decided to slow down my planned release dates for several books I would say are “done” in order to get some distance and time away from them. As I come back and read the stories, I find myself slipping quite easily into the worlds inside my head. Sometimes it takes my wife several attempts to draw my attention away from whatever I'm writing and back to reality.

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Supporting Indie Authors 101

I've noticed that once again the issue of support has been cropping up all over the Goodreads group. It seems as if a lot of friends and family just don't know what to make of us and therefore tend to either say the wrong thing or nothing at all. That, my friends, is why this article is for them, not you. Yep, that's right. I'm not writing to you, fellow author. I'm writing to your somewhat confused and slightly awkward family member or friend who wants to support you, but has no idea what to do. Go ahead, hand over the phone/tablet/computer, I'll wait.

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