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Hell in Huntington by Zach Larson

Dark waves crashed onto the beach in front of Ram, sending a spray of mist into his face and showering his bare legs with droplets of saltwater. He smelled the brine and seaweed clinging to the humidity in the air. Raising his eyes from the churning waters, he focused on the moon, nearly full in its orbit. Stars shimmered down through the clear skies. He idly checked his watch: 4:15 a.m. The clouds would come soon, veiling the sky so completely that you could barely see your hand in front of your face. What did Hades hate about the light of day? The God of the underworld should want a bit of sun and relaxation, right? Why else would he have forsaken his throne and set up shop on a California beach? Ram sighed and tore his gaze away from the blissfully clear sky as he began his plodding march toward Huntington Beach Pier.

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Minotaur Noir by Katherine Luck

The minotaur was female. And she was decidedly dead.

The city streets were slick with rain that had been falling sporadically for hours, the drops hitting the pavement with the sluggish indifference of a washed-up boxer running out the clock so he could throw the match in the eighth round. The storm clouds had finally blown away at the tail-end of twilight, leaving behind a street cleaved by rivulets of rusty water that trickled from the broken gutters of the tall buildings where the humans lived.

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Pretty Ladies by Becca Edney

Jane took a deep breath of the cool, sea-scented air as she strode up a narrow, worn footpath weaving among the hills. She had left her friend Izzy behind, juggling the dogs at her own insistence, but she'd catch up soon enough; Jane wanted to get to the top of the hill to see the sea, and this meant that she could check the path was good.

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The Thief that Breathes Fire by Kendall Peterkin

“He’s done it again,” Cosus threw his tattered cloth down on the table in frustration. Causing his three teenage children to sit up straight. “I’ve counted over and over again, and we only have four.”

“The cattle.” Summanus confidently quipped, before his older and wiser brother, Pollux, nudged his frail shoulder.

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