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Did 100(ish) Reviews Pre Book Launch Increase My Sales?

A couple of years ago, when I was preparing to release Everyone Dies At The End, I set myself a goal. That goal was to hit 100 reviews on the ARC of it. I spent many months searching for reviewers, I even have a blog about it on Big World Network. This was my way to test a theory that I have heard parroted, that a book with a lot of reviews will sell better. I've heard this quote from hundreds of authors, but only those who complained about struggling sales.

Now a couple of years have passed, the slacker life is difficult, and I realized that I didn't do a follow-up post. I thought today would be a perfect day to share my thoughts.

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Do Reviews Even Matter?

How important are reviews? Do they make a difference on whether or not you sell? And what's the best way to collect them? One thing I will tell you, NEVER pay for a review. It's against Amazon's TOC, and really all you're doing is cheating your readers.

Today we'll cover the ways I used to collect reviews for an ARC copy of Everyone Dies At The End, and maybe you'll find what I do useful.

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