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Reflections by Phil Farina

Carmine woke, or at least tried to, after a hard night of partying. It was the morning after All Hallows’ Eve. Carmine and a group of friends spent the long night drinking and carousing at Jennifer’s house, trying to scare the hell out of each other.  There were costumes a plenty, from fairies and witches to the more grotesque, blood-dripping creatures from popular horror movies. There were finger foods, shaped like actual fingers, a cake in the form of a severed head, a dish of “eyeballs” and a variety of drinks made to look like blood.

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Remember! by Colin Anders Brodd

You awaken in the dark. Where are you? How did you get here? You don't remember. Why don't you remember? You must try to think! Remember!

There is a throbbing in your temples, your eyes hurt as if you have had them open too long in dim light – but nay, did you not just awaken? In truth, your whole head hurts. Why? Did you hit your head? Is that why you were unconscious? Why you cannot remember? What is that smell?

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Premonition by Kayla Krantz

As a young woman, I’ve come to understand that there are universal truths that all girls follow. They’re not spoken out loud, not all the time, but once in a while I’ll hear the warnings: try not to walk outside once it’s dark, don’t walk alone, don’t walk anywhere isolating. They’re all the classic horror movie mantras, but life happens and who has time to read the warning labels?

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