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Everyone's favorite part of the process! Editing!

In truth this is where I feel books take the most shape. Editing takes our rough, flawed work and polishes it to a beautiful shine. I mean, I may be editing on a budget, and my works are probably still riddled with errors, but I've learned there are always dust bunnies in even the most well written works. Even those with thousands of dollars in editing done to them have something that could be improved. Could you imagine a world with no editing?

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Story Lines and World Building

Say what you will, but nothing is better to me than creating your own reality.
In actual aspect, I use my roleplaying background a lot when I write. You have to consider every side of the story and your characters, make sure the atmosphere fits what you like to write. Hope you’ve caught all your errors, that everything fits the tools you've given them.

How much do you reveal to the audience? How much do you hide?

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Keeping Momentum

Keeping momentum can be difficult, especially when life and its pressures start to draw your attention away from your writing. Whether it’s kids, school, work, a party, spending time with the people you love, the world is filled with plenty of distractions. And that’s not even mentioning the black hole of a time sink that is the internet.

I have some exercises I do to help myself maintain my focus, and keep me on track when I’m writing anything.

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Do Reviews Even Matter?

How important are reviews? Do they make a difference on whether or not you sell? And what's the best way to collect them? One thing I will tell you, NEVER pay for a review. It's against Amazon's TOC, and really all you're doing is cheating your readers.

Today we'll cover the ways I used to collect reviews for an ARC copy of Everyone Dies At The End, and maybe you'll find what I do useful.

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K.M. Weiland’s Story Structure Database

So what is the Story Structure Database?
It’s an curated listing of book/movie plots broken down by narrative plots and structural themes. See the screenshot to the left to get an idea.

Weiland knows what she’s talking about here, as she’s written two critically acclaimed books on the subject: Structuring Your Novel and Structuring Your Novel Workbook.

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