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Writing During the Holidays

Wouldn't it be nice if it didn't feel like every single week we had a holiday? Days where we could just relax and write to our hearts content? Well too bad, those days are long gone until next year. From surprise visits to holiday parties, and everything in between, there's a lot of foot traffic in my house during the holiday season.

I'm going to offer you some slacker suggestions on how to create time for writing.

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Writing for a Deadline

I'm used to living the slacker life. I prefer things on the quiet side, and I love it that way. I don't have kids, no little Riley running around causing hell. I have two cats, but they are sweet and easy to take care of. And my wife is a wonderful independent woman who gives me plenty of time to pursue my favorite interests, such as writing. My life is pretty easy to enjoy, and I find myself with a lot of free time.

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Setting the Mood for Writing

Right now we are going to focus on when you have time, but not the mood. For all that our little fantasies are fun to write, sometimes putting words to page is more like a chore than the escape it's meant to be. You look at the screen and all you see is the hard work that lays before you.

So how do you get yourself in the mood? When you have time to write, and nothing stopping you but your own motivation, how do you find it?

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