Procrastination Techniques

16 Personalities

A fun and eye-opening Personality Test. Yes, us Mods have tried it and were a bit blown away by the results.

Answer questions and for each correct response, this website will donate 10 grains of rice to World Food Programme to help end world hunger. 

I Write Like. . .

Ever been curious to know which famous author your writing style most closely matches? With this online app, you can enter in a paragraph of your text and it will let you know whether you're closer to Stephen King or Stephanie Meyer. 



A super fun online photo editor that lets you add seasonal stickers, facial hair, make up, etc to pictures you upload. I turned my husband into Santa Claus last winter, complete with some reindeer and cardinals. 

Fake Name Generator

Exactly what it sounds like. Enter a few details and it will pop out a name for you. Fun for picking character names, or, I dunno, pen name? *Hint* Rumor has it one of our Mods used a random name generator like this to choose their author name. Can you guess which one it is? 

The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest

Think you can come up with the WORST first sentence of the WORST novel ever? Submit it here - but be sure to follow their submission requirements. 

Storyline Creator

A unique and fun way to visualize your plot and the journey each of your characters take throughout your work. Whether you're stuck in a rut, unable to breakthrough writers' block, or just want a fresh perspective on your plot, this tool is a lot of fun!


Having trouble staying focused on your current WIP? Is that little tab that takes you to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or your favorite online news source a little too easy to reach? KeepMeOut will block you from that site for whatever amount of time you allot for writing. No more excuses. GET BACK TO WRITING!

Most Awesomest Thing Ever

You'll be given two random things and then can choose which is the Most Awesomer of the two. Looks like Teleportation is #1! Would you overthrow it? 


Yes. It's as adorable as it sounds. You can spend hours upon hours upon this site. With each new click, you're given pictures of two kittens/cats. You choose which one is cuter. Then you're given that kitten's stats. Did I mention you can upload pictures of your own cat to see how their fair in the battle? May the cutest kitten win!!


Yep. It's sand. Brightly colored sand that you can make fall however you'd like to create whatever kind of image you'd like. It's easy and fun, and I could easily spend many fun hours wasting time on this site. Enjoy. 


Need the gentle lull of your favorite coffee shop, but a) it's not open right now or b) you don't really want to leave the house? This site will give you the ambient sounds of your favorite coffee shop without having to leave your house. Write away!


Need to vent some frustration? With this game you can chase things around and smack them around. Did I mention you play the part of Smacky the Squirrel? 


NASA Guide to Air-Filtering Houseplants

Need some fresh air? Looking to get the most out of your brainstorming/writing/editing time? Learn which plants to surround yourself with to get the best possible air quality. Who knows? It just might help. (I keep a Boston Fern, Spider Plant, and Snake Plant and while I can't attest to how they're affecting my writing, look at how well this group is doing!)


Whether you just love fresh fruits and vegetables or you're an avid juicer, it can be difficult to know where to find the best produce at any given time during the year. With RipeNearMe, you can find fresh local produce all year round!

Spurious Correlations!

Because. . . . .yeah. 

BFI Film Forever: Are You a Replicant? 

Because we all need to know! 

Alien Earths

Part of being an author is that we all harbor some level of a god-complex. We create lives, destroy lives, and build worlds. So why not build an actual solar system to go with it? 

I Will Knot!

Need to know how to tie a knot in a pinch? Never fear! This website is here! 

BBC asks "How Dark is Your Personality?"

Life isn't all kittens and chocolate milk. Especially when you're an author. We all have a dark side. Apparently the BBC wants specifics. 

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