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A Note from Ann

about Indie Authors

Some of you may have somehow found yourself on this page and you may be asking yourself: "Why should I read Indie when there are plenty of Traditionally Published works out there that I KNOW are good?" 

It's true. There are a lot of good traditionally published books out there. We all have our mainstream authors that we love to read. I happen to be partial to Ray Bradbury, Terry Brooks, Agatha Christie, and Stephen King, just to name a handful. 

So why have I almost completely stopped reading traditionally published works? 

The truth of the matter is that I wanted a change. 

I wanted to read a story that hadn't been "deemed appropriate" for the masses. I wanted something a little raw and a little rough. I wanted to read something that was 100% someone's baby - someone's passion. 

And I get it almost 100% of the time. 

We live in a fast paced world and we have this habit of deeming things "unworthy of our time." But why? Why can't we learn to enjoy the experience or enjoy the journey. That's what I get when I read Indie. I read the work that someone spent years wanting to write and then additional years actually writing. I cherish every single moment of it. 

I may disagree with some of the choices they made or the path a character took, or even the way they chose to end their work, but (and here's the key point) it's not my book. If everyone wrote what everyone else WOULD write if they WERE a writer, how absolutely boring would this planet be? 

I'm so tired of watching tv shows and knowing exactly what's going to happen next. Like when the characters are talking in the car while driving and they keep going back and forth from a side angle to each character? Yep, they're about to get t-boned by a semi or an SUV. 

I get surprised in Indie Author books and I LOVE it! 

So why should you read Indie? Well, the choice is yours and ultimately you should read what you enjoy. But I do challenge you to open up an Indie book with an open mind. Don't go into it thinking "Ugh, how poorly editing is this thing going to be??" Instead consider the journey and how much love someone put into that book. See what good can come of it. 

This, of course, doesn't stop with Indie books, but with all aspects of life. Stop feeling so disappointed when things don't go a certain predictable way. Enjoy the surprises. Enjoy the journey. And stop to be considerate of those around you. You have no idea what path life has taken them on or what obstacles they've had to overcome. 

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