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That's right, it's time for another SIA short story contest. We want to read your best short stories. We're looking for your most creative mythology short!

We are looking for fantasy entries about an encounter with a Greek/Roman mythological deity/creature. Be creative. Have fun. But, your short story MUST INCLUDE the following: 

"Release the _________!" 

Failure to include this sentence of dialogue will result in your story being disqualified.

The conditions for your submission are simple. 

  1. Entries may be emailed to us at Please indicate “SIA’s Mythic March Short Stories Contest” in the Headline. Entries must include your name, a title, as well as a word count. Please include pdf or doc attachment and title the document with your short story title and author name.

  2. Submissions MUST BE received NO LATER than April 30th. And the winner(s) will be announced on May 6th!

  3. You may submit as many entries as you wish. Double or triple your chances!

  4. Your story cannot be shorter than 1000 words and cannot be longer than 2500 words. Any stories not fitting these length requirements will be disqualified.

  5. Excessive elements of gore, sexuality & violence will cause your story to be disqualified. Aim for a PG-13 rating for your story’s content.

  6. Any stories promoting racism, sexism, misogyny or violence against marginalized groups will be disqualified.

The other MODS and I look forward to reading them! Keep being awesome and #SupportIndieAuthors!


One winner will be chosen if we have less than fifty submissions. Five winners will be chosen if we have over fifty submissions, and ten winners will be chosen if we have over one hundred submissions. So tell your friends and submit more than one story!

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Murder Mystery

Contest Winners

The Winning Loser by Joan S Peck

The Seven Roses by Jasmine Lowe

The Rose Slayer by Stephen Bentley

A Rose is a Rose is a Clue Unless its a Red Herring by Phillip T Stephens 

The Letter by Katherine Anderson

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short story compilations

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(includes winners and honorable mentions)


Can't wait for the next Support Indie Authors short story contest? 

Sometimes our brains need a break from whatever drawn out task we're been working on for what seems like ages. Whether it's work related, your current work in progress, or even a never-ending home repair project, spending too much time on one frustrating and teeth grinding activity can wear our brain down. 

Nothing feels more refreshing than taking a break to complete an out of the ordinary, fun, and brain building exercise. Writing flash fiction is an excellent way to restart your brain (since we can't technically turn it off and then back on again) and gain fresh perspective on whatever is bogging you down. 

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